Academic Programs

Formation Core

FC 101/101-T Spiritual Formation and Personal Practice

Students are invited to engage in a multidimensional reflection on their personal spiritual journey as experiential grounding for ministry. Reflecting on spiritual autobiography (their own as well as others) and study of personal and corporate Christian spiritual disciplines as well as core practices of Quaker spirituality, deepen students’ awareness of their own practice of faith as they prepare to offer ministry to others. Active, prayerful listening and spiritual discernment are emphasized in the course through participation in an ongoing small group that continues into the second semester.
3 semester hours.

FC 102/102-O Spiritual Formation and Public Ministry

Students explore the exigencies of real-life ministry while deepening their own spiritual grounding for ministry through ongoing practice. Weekly small group meetings provide a forum for this self-discovery and integration. The class as a whole explores issues related to public ministry; while individually, in pairs, and/or in their small groups, students try on public ministry roles. Students reflect on these ministry experiences in their ongoing small group, with a ministry support group in their community, and with the instructor.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: FC 101/101-T

FC 339/339-T Discernment of Call and Gifts

This course engages students in reflecting on how God has been and is now present in their lives, calling and preparing each for ministry that makes use of their gifts to serve God and God’s world.  Students consider issues of vocation and ministry, and explore different facets of their giftedness and challenges.  Through class work and other experiences of discernment they learn practices for individuals and communities who seek to discern God’s leading.  This course is a prerequisite for Supervised Ministry.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: FC 101/101-T and FC 102/102-O