Academic Programs

Peace & Justice

PJ 101-O Introduction to Peace & Justice

This foundational course in the Peace and Justice program explores contemporary conflict by applying each of ESR’s four core areas of religious studies: Bible, Theology, Church History, and Spirituality. This course serves as the introduction to the three core courses in the Peace and Justice program.
3 semester hours.

PJ 201 Peace Studies Research Seminar

The seminar is offered each semester in conjunction with a non-credit weekly Peace Studies Forum. It offers opportunity for common reading of peace-related materials, presentation and discussion of papers, sharing from peace ministries, and dialogue with visiting peace theologians, activists, and leaders. Students may take the seminar for credit a maximum of two times.
3 semester hours.

PJ 223-T Christian Reconciliation: Conflict Resolution in Church and World

This course combines the theoretical and practical study of reconciliation. We will study a variety of models in conflict resolution and begin to construct our own models of reconciliation. Students will also be introduced to practical experience in seeking to resolve conflicts. In this way, we seek to address theoretical issues with practical concerns.
3 semester hours.

PJ 224-T Moral and Faith Development

See PC 224-T.

PJ 330 Bible, Violence, and Nonviolence

See BS 330.

PJ 351 History of Friends Peace Witness

See HS 351.

PJ 360 Interfaith Dialog

This is an introduction to concepts and practices of world religions and to theological reflection upon the relationship of Christianity to other faith traditions. As such, the course will touch upon Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese traditions, Judaism, Islam, and primal traditions. There will be some introduction to how these faith traditions express themselves in the United States.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: TS 101/101-O

PJ 366 Liberation Theologies

The Liberation Theologies course investigates various theologies of liberation, such as African-American, Latin American and Latina/o, feminist/womanist, LBGT/Queer, ecological, and nonviolent. Students engage personally with the challenges of these theologies, visit organizations engaged in social justice advocacy, analyze the arguments of these theologies and then begin to construct their own theology in dialog with this tradition of theology.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: TS 101/101-O

PJ 370 Spirituality of Peacemaking

This course first explores the autobiographies of selected figures who have connected their spiritual life with work for social transformation, including people such as Thomas Merton, Malcolm X, Dorothy Day, Dietrich Bonhoefffer, and Peace Pilgrim. Next, theological models for putting together spirituality and social change are examined in such figures as Latin American liberation theologian Jon Sobrino and womanist theologian Emile Townes.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: FC 101/101-T & FC 102/102-O

PJ 400  Independent Study

See BS 400.

PJ 500  Master’s Thesis

See BS 500.