Academic Programs

Quaker Studies

QS 107 Quaker History and Literature

See HS 107.

QS 250 Creation of Modern Quaker Diversity

See HS 250.

QS 339-T Quakers & Bible

See BS 339-T.

QS 340-T Quaker Beliefs

This course seeks to provide: working definitions of some of the particular terms used in Quaker discourse, such as “light,” “testimony,” “distinctives”; an understanding of the reasoning behind Quaker doctrines and practices; and an assessment of how Quakerism relates to Christian theology more generally. Underlying these elements are the wider questions of whether there is or could be a “normative” Quakerism, and what the authority of tradition is among Friends. It needs also to explore contemporary varieties of systematic examinations of Quaker beliefs from both the evangelical and liberal parts of the spectrum.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: TS 101/101-O or T 101/101-O or HS 107

QS 347 Modern Quaker Life and Thought

This course seeks to explore the institutions, practices, and intellectual activities of Friends, beginning with the year 1900. Particular emphasis will be placed on the intellectual richness of Quaker thought in the last century, especially that of the liberal and evangelical strands which have become predominant in Quakerism during this period. Intellectual roots of these traditions will be sought, with a goal of charting the boundaries between Quaker and non-Quaker expressions of these types of Christianity and religious thought.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: HS 107

QS 351 History of Friends Peace Witness

See HS 351.

QS 377 Quaker Public Ministry

What does it mean to be a Public Friend? This course will explore such topics as ministry and eldering; traveling ministry; recording and releasing of ministers; and the evolution of the Quaker pastorate. We will also examine the role of Quaker missions, education, and service, in spreading awareness of Quakers and their testimonies, and in some cases expanding the membership of the Religious Society of Friends. Students will be required to do field work, visiting Friends meetings, churches, and schools, and/or interviewing Friends’ ministers.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: QS 107

QS 400  Independent Study

See BS 400.