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Carole Spencer
Carole Spencer, Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality

There is no vital and authentic ministry apart from spiritual preparation, which entails a life committed to prayer and worship, personal spiritual growth, and the study of the Bible and devotional classics. Courses in this portion of the curriculum provide ample opportunity to deepen students’ own spiritual lives as well as their capacity to offer ministry as a result of inner leadings and promptings from the Holy Spirit. Courses in the spirituality area of the curriculum include: Individual Spiritual Direction, Prayer; Spirituality and the Body; Spirituality and Suffering; History of Christian Spirituality; Quaker Spirituality, and Spiritual Formation in Contemporary Faith Communities. Before doing Supervised Ministry, residential students who choose this emphasis undertake an extended (no less than eight days), personal, directed spiritual retreat, and participate in ongoing spiritual direction for a minimum of 24 sessions in a period of no more than two calendar years.

Upcoming Courses

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2014 August FC 101-T Spiritual Formation & Personal Practice two-week intensive
2014 Fall FC 101 Spiritual Formation & Personal Practice residential
2014 Fall SP 212 Mysticism: Quaker Tradition residential
2015 Spring FC 102-O Spiritual Formation & Public Ministry online
2015 Spring FC 102 Spiritual Formation & Public Ministry residential

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The ESR Spirituality Gathering occurs in late February/early March each year. Videos of past events are available here.