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Growth. Focus. Challenge. Nourishment. The constant background of God.

This is just a sampling of what comes to mind when students reflect on their experience at ESR.

If you are considering seminary education, it is likely that you have already felt nudgings, leadings, or a call of some sort to begin exploring the options available to you.

  • What program will best prepare you for the work ahead?
  • What does it look like to balance spiritual formation and intellectual rigor?
  • Is it possible to pursue educational goals given my career, financial, or family circumstances?

ESR can help you answer these and other questions you may be facing and, potentially, help you take the next steps toward answering that call upon your heart and mind. As a Christian graduate theological school in the Quaker tradition, ESR provides a unique context in which to pursue this call for those from a variety of denominations.

For centuries, Friends have emphasized living simply and peacefully—listening for the ongoing guidance of the Spirit and holding all concerns in the healing Light of Christ.  We seek God in scripture and in stillness; we seek—and find—“that of God” in every person.  Committed to social justice, we work to counter racism, violence, and all forms of oppression. 

Today’s world, we believe, needs such work—and specifically, such workers.  ESR offers an exemplary theological education within a caring Quaker community, preparing women and men to live the truth of the gospel in a wide range of public ministries.

Come and join us in this important pursuit. Ready to learn more? You can find out about visiting and applying to the Earlham School of Religion by following the links at the left or requesting more information here.  You can also follow the discussion among ESR faculty, students, alumni and others on ESR’s Facebook page, on our Twitter feed, or at the ESR blog, Learning and Leading.

We welcome your questions and hope to have you as a visitor soon!


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