Tuition & Fees


Tuition is charged on a per credit hour basis, for all students and all classes. Most classes are 3 credits and the recommended maximum full-time class load for residential students is 27 credits per year. Tuition for the 2015-16 academic year is *$533 per credit, *$1,599 for a typical class, or *$14,391 for 27 credits.

Drop/Withdrawal Credits and Refunds

Students who drop one or more courses receive tuition credit on their account according to the deadline schedule shown in the table below. Registration and Technology fees are never credited, even if a student drops all classes in a session. Refund checks for tuition and fees that have previously been paid, and subsequently dropped, will be issued within one month.

No tuition credit will be given after the fourth week of class, except under the following circumstances:

1. the Dean approves a written appeal from the student explaining that the withdrawal is due to extenuating circumstances;

2. the student has not attended ESR before the semester in which he or she withdraws from the school, and the withdrawal occurs on or before the seventh week of classes. For these students only, a “pro-rata” refund will be given in proportion to the number of weeks attended by the student during the semester in which he or she withdraws, in accordance with Federal regulations.

Students who receive Federal Student Aid loans and subsequently withdraw from classes may be required to refund some or all of the funds. See the Financial Aid section, page 67, for additional information.

Registration Fee

All students pay a registration fee of *$125 per session. Once a student registers for a class, this fee is non-refundable, even if all classes are dropped. A portion of this fee goes to the Student Meeting for Business to subsidize funding of student-sponsored activities. The remainder covers administrative costs associated with creating and maintaining student accounts.

Technology Fee

All students pay a technology fee of *$75 per session, which contributes to the provision of network services and other technological resources vital to the success of ESR’s programs. This fee is also non-refundable.

Common Meal Fee

An important community event at ESR is the weekly Common Meal, which is held during both 2-week Intensives and full semester classes. Students attending full-semester classes on campus are charged *$78 per semester. All students, both Residential and Access, are charged *$12 per Intensive. A prorated amount of this fee is credited if all classes are dropped. Those with extenuating circumstances that prevent attendance or eating at Common Meal, such as special dietary restrictions, may request an exemption from the Business Manager.

Occasional Student Fee

Students enrolled as Occasional students pay a *$35 annual continuation fee, which maintains a student’s active status, even while not taking classes. Occasional students do not have to re-apply for admission after initial acceptance into the program. They receive an annual listing of course offerings and other events at ESR.

Late Registration Fee

Returning degree-seeking students who don’t register during the announced open registration period are charged a late registration fee of *$50 per session. This also applies to students who can’t register due to a financial hold on their billing account past the registration period. The enrollment period for returning students can be found on the Academic Services calendar. New and Occasional students register on line prior to their first class and are not subject to a late fee.

Audit Fee

The audit fee is $400* per course, plus Registration, Technology and Common Meal fees. See Auditing courses, page 32.

M.A. Continuing Research Fee

M.A. students who have completed the required courses, who are not enrolled for classes or thesis credit, and who continue working with ESR faculty on their thesis are charged a Continuing Research Fee of *$200 per session. This fee covers the costs of community activities, library privileges, and consultation with faculty. M.A. students who are not enrolled and who are not in residence will be charged the fee on a semester by semester basis at any time that they re-establish active consultation with faculty on their thesis project.

Clinical Pastoral Education Fees

Students wishing to receive academic credit for their participation in a Clinical Pastoral Education program are charged the regular tuition rates for the number of credit hours received. ESR reimburses the institution in which the program is taken. There must be at least a *$100 margin to cover service costs at ESR. Otherwise, in addition to the student’s tuition, there will be a charge sufficient to provide the *$100. Students must instruct the CPE site to send an invoice for the CPE fee to the ESR Business Office.

Graduation Fee

All students expecting to graduate are billed a *$100 fee in their final session of course work to cover administrative expenses.

Health Care Fee

The office and clinic area for Earlham Health Services are located in Earlham Hall on the College campus. There is a Health Services Fee of *$25-$30 per visit, plus a charge for medications. A flyer detailing services is sent to new students before arriving on campus.

Medical Insurance

Due to provision of the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) that took place January 1, 2014, ESR is no longer able to find an insurance company that provides coverage to our students.  We suggest you obtain health insurance in one of the following ways: State or Federal insurance exhanges, Medicaid, your parents insurance (if you are 26 or less), your or your spouses employer, or private insurance.

Student Housing

ESR does not provide housing except to International Cooper Scholar students. We do, however, offer assistance in finding off-campus housing. There are several options for single as well as shared or family housing located close to campus. Lauramoore Guest House & Retreat Center, located less than a mile from ESR, has nine bedrooms available for rent during Intensives and other times that distance students are in the area. Contact the Dean’s Assistant to make reservations. The Admissions Office maintains a current listing of other available properties for both long-term housing and lodging during two-week Intensives.


(all fees are subject to annual change)



Acceptance Confirmation*




Transcript (each)*


Tuition (per credit)


Audit (per class)


Occasional (per year)*


Earlham Health Services (per visit, not including medications)


Per Session:





Common Meal


Late Registration*


M.A. Continuing Research


* indicates a non-refundable fee


The Earlham School of Religion does not require pre-payment of tuition and fees, except in cases of repeated late payments by the student. Billing Statements are issued in August for Session One and in January for Session Two. Payment of the balance due from tuition and fees, less any ESR scholarships, FSA Loans, or other credits, is Due Upon Receipt of the Billing Statement. By special arrangements, payments can be made in installments during a session. A 1% per month service charge is added to any unpaid balance over 30 days past due on the last working day of each month.

Additional charges and credits to the student’s account are periodically recalculated during Add/Drop periods. Lilly Library fines, Earlham Health Services fees, and parking passes and fines may also be added to the student statement. Revised Billing Statements are issued during the first week of each month. As always, payment in full is Due Upon Receipt of any statement showing a balance due.

Registration in subsequent sessions, and graduation from ESR, are contingent upon satisfactory settlement of the student’s account. No transcripts or diplomas can be issued until all accounts are paid in full.

Certificate Program Prepay Discount

A student admitted to an ESR Certificate Program may choose to prepay tuition for the entire 6-course (18 credit) program and receive a 25% discount, based on the tuition rate for the first year in which a certificate class is taken.  See Certificate Program Prepay Discount Procedure and Application under Important Documents.

Federal Student Aid loans

Stafford and Perkins FSA loans are disbursed to the student’s account within the first few weeks of classes, assuming that the student has completed all necessary steps. If the amount of FSA loans disbursed is greater than the amount due on the student’s account, a refund check is issued to the student within 14 days of the loan disbursement date. Students who receive FSA loans may be required to return all or part of any loan to the lender if the semester is not completed. ESR is required to follow a complex formula to calculate the amount of the refund that is to be returned to the Lender and to the school. The order of funds returned is first to the lender, second to the school grant program, and third, to the student. See the Financial Aid section below for more information.