Life After ESR

Persons who leave ESR scatter to all parts of the world, from Belize to Kenya to Japan, from Maine to California, and many points between. They are engaged in ministry that is as varied as the gifts that have been shared, discovered, and nurtured during the ESR experience.

Some practice ministry within the structures of meetings and churches in such roles as pastors, Christian education directors, executive secretaries, and meeting secretaries. Some pursue further studies, teaching, counseling, spiritual direction, or chaplaincy in hospitals, retirement homes, or other institutions.

Others have felt called to social service agencies, or to ministries of social change and peace, while others continue in former roles, but with a new sense of vision for ministry, both within the work place and through their local meeting or church.

In spite of the diversity and distance, community continues after graduation. Much of this occurs informally, at Quaker gatherings, in support groups, through mailings, and over the phone. The school contributes to these connections through a variety of planned programs.