M.A. in Religion Degree

As in the M.A. residential program, students must demonstrate competency in theology, Old Testament, and New Testament either through transfer of credit, course work through ESR Access, or by passing proficiency exams. The three introductory courses in those areas are available as online courses. The credits for these courses do not apply toward the degree. The Core Requirements are available through online or two-week intensive classes. Course work in the Area of Concentration may be already offered in the two-week intensive format. Otherwise, credits in this area may be accomplished through independent study arranged with the mentor of that concentration.

Basic Requirements (36 semester hours)

For a fuller description of the function and requirements of each of these areas, see the section on the residential M.A. degree requirements on page 28.

1) Prerequisite Courses (0 hours)

In order for students to demonstrate foundational competency in the area of theology and Biblical studies, they must either transfer courses, pass proficiency exams, or take the introductory courses in theology, Old Testament, and New Testament, all of which are offered on-line.

2) Core Requirements (18 Hours)

Two of the required courses are in Biblical studies. Another two required courses are in theological studies, one an upper level course, such as Christian Ethics, and then Constructive Theology. Finally, the other two courses are in historical studies: History of Christianity I, History of Christianity II, or American Religious History, all of which are offered on-line.

3) The M.A. Guidance Committee and the Thesis (9 hours)

See the complete description of this requirement in the residential M.A. section on page 29.

4) Area of Concentration (9 semester hours)

The areas of concentration are Biblical Studies, Christian Theology Studies, Quaker Studies, and Peace & Justice Studies. Further course work is done in the area of concentration either through available intensive classes or by independent study.

Further Requirements

M.A. students may be required to demonstrate competency in a language other than English. At the end of the program, students must successfully complete an oral examination. See the complete description of these requirements in the residential M.A.