Experience ESR

Arrange a Visit for Prospective Students

One of the definitive ways for students to determine their fit at ESR is to visit.  The Admission Hospitality Associates (AHAs) are student helpers who will arrange an itinerary that introduces you to the campus, the classroom and the community of ESR. The Admissions department is happy to arrange up to two evenings lodging. To arrange a visit, fill out our visitation form on-line.

Another way to visit ESR is to attend one of the open houses held for prospective students and spouse/partners. Open houses are typically planned to coincide with conferences at ESR such as the Spirituality Gathering and the Writer’s Colloquium. This is another good way to personally engage with the campus, academics and community of ESR. Please check the ESR website at esr.earlham.edu for information about upcoming open houses.

Visitation Form

If you would like to arrange a campus visit, please complete the visitation form.

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