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The Ministry of Writing -- An Annual Colloquium

"The Ministry of Writing" colloquium was endowed by individuals in honor of Tom Mullen at the time of his retirement as Dean of Earlham School of Religion in 1990. Tom retired from ESR in 1997 and passed away June 19, 2009. His "Writing for the Religious Market" class, first offered over 20 years ago, was the beginning of ESR's unique emphasis in the ministry of writing. This colloquium is one way the school demonstrates its commitment to the written word as an important form of ministry.

Previous keynote speakers for the Colloquium have been:

1992—William Zinsser
1993—Sam Keen
1994—Keith Miller
1995—Walter Wangerin
1996—Madeleine L'Engle
1997—James M. Wall
1998—Noel Paul Stookey
1999—Will D. Campbell
2000—Donna Jo Napoli
2001—Elizabeth Cox
2002—Phil Gulley
2003—Scott Russell Sanders
2004—Li-Young Lee
2005—Diane Glancy & Lauren Winner
2006—Elizabeth Dewberry & Robert Olen Butler
2007—Haven Kimmel
2008—Robert Wicks
2009—Julia Kasdorf
2010—Carrie Newcomer
2011—Scott Cairns
2012—Sharman Apt Russell
2013—Jana Riess
2014—Fr. John Dear