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Renew and Reconnect: ESR 50th Anniversary Alumni/ae Reunion - Sat., April 17, 2010

You are invited to...Renew and Reconnect. Join us for a day to renew your spirit and reconnect with your fellow ESR alumni!



Continental Breakfast




Lecture: John Dominic Crossan
Jesus and Paul: Continuity or Discontinuity?


Lunch with John Dominic Crossan


Workshops (choose one):


Melanie Weidner
Fill the Well: Spirituality and Arts
Wonderful things happen when we create opportunities to share art, poetry, reflections, honest questions, and expectant silences. Join artist and spiritual director Melanie Weidner (ESR grad '98, M.Div.) for a unique experience of worship, self-discovery, community, and creative expression. This workshop includes simple, accessible, and supported art collage activities to move from head to heart and hands. We ll focus on the sacred experiences of spiritual creativity, collaborative conversations, and deep listening. You ll take away inspiration, renewal, and an open heart.


Nine Ways of Experiencing the World -Introduction to the Enneagram System of Personality Type
This workshop is an introduction to the Enneagram system of personality type. The word "enneagram" comes from the Greek "ennea" -- "nine" -- and "gram" -- "model." The system is based on the theory that there are nine basic and different ways of approaching life that develop from our childhood coping mechanisms. Identifying our Enneagram type enables us to become more aware of where our attention goes and how we respond to situations, ourselves, and other people. By understanding the varieties of type and their influence we can have greater freedom and become more compassionate toward ourselves and others. Stephanie Crumley-Effinger '81 is the Director of Supervised Ministry for ESR.


Jennie Isbell
Seeking and Finding God in the Verbs
Participants in this workshop will consider various evidences of God s movement in the world, consulting personal experience, scripture, and tradition. From there, we will spend time determining which images of God used in daily public and private devotional life reflect the fullness and mystery of our experiences and understandings of God. Take aways from our time together will include examples of a  lay theology approach to encouraging Grace spotting among those to whom you minister, and also, hopefully, some new ideas for reinvigorating your own prayer life. Jennie Isbell '07 is the Director of Outreach for ESR.


Free time


Dinner and time to reconnect


Lecture: John Dominic Crossan
Jesus and Paul: Continuity or Discontinuity?

Please RSVP with your workshop choice by April 9th to Mandy Ford

(800) 432-1377 or

Event Date: 
04/09/2010 - 8:30am - 8:30pm