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ESR Announces Recipients of 2010-11 Special Scholarships

ESR is pleased to announce special scholarship recipients for the 2010-11 academic year. Both the Nancy Kortepeter Mullen Scholarship and the Thomas J. Mullen Scholarship provide each student with full tuition for 27 credits.

The recipient of the 2010-11 Nancy Kortepeter Mullen Scholarship:

Sue Sutherland-Hanson
Sue is a full time Access student working toward an M.Div. Degree. She is currently living in Poulsbo, Washington, where she is a teacher with a special interest in the Ministry of Writing. In her application essay, Sue stated, "ESR has done much to help me claim, grow, and share characteristics that Nancy Mullen embodied.” Sue had the courage to ask herself what she wanted, and to discover the answers “I want to go to seminary.  I want to write.” Through her classes at ESR, facilitating writing seminars, leading retreats, learning about serving in faith, and completing a book of poetry on people and events of the Old Testament, Sue says she has been “transformed from Little Miss Much Afraid (from the book Hinds Feet in High Places) to my new identity as grace and Glory."

The recipients of the 2010-11 Thomas J. Mullen Scholarship:

Robin Anderson

Robin is a full-time residential student at ESR, and is a an M.Div. student in the Ministry of Writing program. She is an active member of Friends Meeting of Austin, Texas, where she has served on the Worship and Ministry Committee, and started and co-facilitated a devotional study group. While at ESR, she has been an active member of Clear Creek Meeting, where she was recently asked to become a member of the Ministry and Oversight Committee.

Robin has provided ministry in a variety of ways including volunteer firefighter and paramedic, participating in community theatre and through her writing. More recently, she has become involved with world peace organizations including, the Islamic Student Dialog Association, and the Austin Area Interfaith Ministries, as well as travel with Muslim groups to facilitate peaceful dialog. After a long career as an engineer, Robin came to ESR to further pursue her ministry of writing.

In her application, Robin stated, "And in the end, I want to become a better person in the world, to make my inner world more consonant with the outer world, so that the words I do present to others are authentic, simple, and as close to truth as I am allowed to get, by the grace of God."

Becca Clouse

Becca is a full-time residential student at ESR, and is pursuing an M.Div. in Spirituality. She is an active member of Arba Friends Church, which is a part of Indiana Yearly Meeting. As a part of her ministry, Becca is on the leadership team for the Underground Connection, a non-traditional worship service that reaches out to those not attending a particular church or Meeting.

While at ESR, Becca has discerned her call to ministry to include gifts of spiritual direction, teaching, discipling, pastoring, prayer and service. She feels led to provide spiritual direction and discipleship ministry to help others see God "working and moving in their lives." In her application, Becca shared, "I have a call to ministry that involves walking along side others to encourage, support, guide and teach to help bring them to maturity in their spiritual walk. My call to ministry is one to bring the presence of God into the lives of those I come in contact with, wherever that may be."

Sarah Swift-Simons

Sarah is a full-time residential student at ESR and is pursuing an M.Div. in Spirituality. While at ESR , Sarah has been attending West Richmond Friends, and has participated in worship leadership and children's ministry. She was also recently appointed to serve on the Counsel and Care committee. After graduation, Sarah is interested in pursuing hospice care as a vocation and ministry. She has worked in hospice environments as a volunteer, staff, intern and consultant, and worked on a variety of creative projects with patients and their families, including photographic quilts and photography classes. Sarah is also deeply rooted in nature and enjoys a simple lifestyle that is tied closely to natural elements. In her application, Sarah stated, "In my experience at ESR, as my theology has matured, so has my sense of calling strengthened."

Dave Wunker

Dave is a full-time residential student at ESR and is pursuing an M.Div. in Spirituality. He is an active member of the ESR community, participating in Common Meal, worship, Peace Forum and has played an active role this year in the revitalization of Student Meeting for Business. He has presented workshops for the past two years for ESR's Spirituality Gathering, combining his interest in both Buddhist and Christian religious practices. While at ESR, Dave has been attending Clear Creek Meeting, where he has contributed to vocal ministry during worship and participating in various Meeting activities.   Dave feels his calling is toward nature-based ministry and is hoping to work as a facilitator of an earth-based spirituality program. In his application Dave shared, " my ministerial identity seeks to bring others into a reverent relationship with nature in order that they might protect and preserve the earth and that they might experience the spiritual formation, revelation, and empowerment needed to carry out their own ministry in the world."

Congratulations to all!