Tending the Leaves: Scholarships

Is there anything in life more gratifying than serving the cause of the Creator, or witnessing to the Gospel of Christ?  Little else, if anything, can match the satisfaction of helping men, women and children find meaning in their lives.  That is the reward that awaits persons engaged in ministry.

Answering the call to ministry is, in almost every case, a decision to forsake a lucrative career.  Young adults fresh out of college break away from the herd mentality and chart a course only partially visible, but clearly defined by Divine Impulses stirring within.  Older adults juggle the demands of family, working part-time while pursuing their dream of moving into ministry.  Persons who find themselves at a major crossroad in life decide to follow their heart and explore the possibilities God lays before them.  It is an honorable decision—one that can hardly be suppressed without physical and spiritual repercussions.

How does one afford this decision?  How does one be faithful to the expectations of family for adequate food and shelter, yet also be faithful to God whose call is never inaccurate?  Only with the help of those who understand the value of having competent ministers working on their behalf and in their midst.  Only by those who recognize that without scholarship support, seminary education is impossible for many students.

ESR intentionally maintains its tuition costs at levels that place it among the lowest of its peer seminaries.  Meanwhile, its meager financial resources restrict the amount of scholarship aid it can offer to students.  In particular, 3rd and 4th year students are underserved in the amount of scholarship funds available to them.  ESR seeks to raise $100,000 additional annual scholarship support, or endowment support of $2,500,000.  These funds would provide full scholarship support for 15 additional students.

Philanthropic Goal: $100,000 annual support – $2,500,000 endowment