Life at ESR

Life at Earlham School of Religion is guided by our focus on shared, transformative learning; curricula founded on Friends principles, but open to all who affirm progressive, Christian theology; radical hospitality that welcomes people from diverse demographic, social and economic backgrounds, without regard to gender and sexual identity; and, ecumenical and welcoming to not only Quakers but members of religious traditions that range from evangelical to universalist.

Students and faculty share a journey that is both educational and spiritual. Learning isn’t simply a process of transferring knowledge; everyone involved in the community of learning offers perspectives, questions and insights that enrich and deepen the experience. And while Friends principles shape our inquiry, the process is informed by experiences of students and faculty from other faith traditions. Worship and other activities are central parts of our learning community.

Most students are from the United States, with a small number from other countries. Some are new graduates from baccalaureate programs; others are older adults seeking to either continue their education or prepare for second careers. Some are residents of Richmond, IN, while others commute from nearby cities or participate in hybrid classes or ESR Access. And, there are students of our partner institution, Bethany Theological Seminary, who participate in classes at ESR.

Together, we journey toward a better understanding of ourselves, others and God, and cultivate relationships grounded in respect and integrity. As God works among us, we work with one another to draw out gifts for ministry.

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