Worship at Earlham School of Religion

Worship is a central part of life at ESR. By experiencing God's presence together we discover our strongest, most intimate bond. Worship at ESR is the fruit of the School's emphasis on radical hospitality, or creating safe space for all who wish to affirm their faith.

Worship is multifaceted, and extends beyond our Richmond campus to include many faith traditions, meetings, churches, and other venues.

On ESR’s campus, worship occurs regularly throughout each semester, under the direction of the Worship Committee.

Friday, joint worship with Bethany Theological Seminary alternates between Quaker and Church of the Brethren styles of worship. Members of the combined community plan other workship opportunities, too.

Members of the ESR community are welcome to attend the programmed College Meeting for Worship held each Sunday at Stout Meetinghouse, sponsored and coordinated by Earlham College.

Many faith traditions are represented in the Wayne County, Indiana and nearby Ohio areas, and offer numerous worship opportunities for our students.