Master of Arts in Peace and Social Transformation 

Deadline for Application for August 2021 entry is May 1, 2021. All MAPST students begin with a 2-week, residential, August Intensive course.

This is a 12-month Residential Master of Arts program. Participation is limited to a cohort of ten students and full-tuition scholarships will be offered to all enrollees.


This new specialized MA in Peace and Social Transformation provides theological education and practical experience to students who wish to pursue ministries of social change. The program shares several courses with our MDiv program, particularly the first three formational classes. Spiritual formation is core to this MA, with the goal of developing the personal and moral integrity that is essential for a public witness in a diverse world. Courses in theology, Biblical studies, and interfaith dialogue or contextual theology provide grounding in the religious heritage and critical tools for understanding and compassionately engaging a complex, often oppressive society. Students will have the opportunity to develop peace and justice skills and to specialize their ministry through the three practicums.

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Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to reflect critically and constructively on theological and Biblical texts especially in relation to prophetic and liberative traditions. 

  1. Demonstrate the interdisciplinary knowledge and ability to recognize, analyze, and respond justly and peaceably to diverse contextual dynamics.  

  1. Demonstrate the spiritual and personal qualities necessary for effective ministry in a pluralistic world. 

  1. Demonstrate integration of learning necessary to design, implement, and assess ministries of social change. 

Program Overview 


FORMATION CORE (12 credits)            

FC 101 Spiritual Formation and Personal Practice (3)

FC 102 Spiritual Formation for Public Mission (4.5) – includes a practicum component

FC 103 Diversity, Community, and Conflict (4.5) - includes a practicum


BIBLICAL STUDIES (6 credits)           

BS 101 Intro First Testament/Hebrew Bible (3)

B 102 Intro Second/New Testament (3)



TS 101 Intro to Theological Reflection (3)



Three courses focused on an area of concentration




SC 390 Supervised Internship (6)



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