ESR Certificate – Quaker Studies

Since ESR's founding as the first Friends seminary, we've developed and shared extensive resources about Quakers' history, diversity and vitality. We frequently encounter people who want to deeply explore Quakerism, either to enrich their own ministry or to support their vocational goals. The Quaker Studies Certificate provides structured study for those people, without requiring a commitment to seeking a graduate degree.

The program examines both the roots and branches of the denomination through the lenses of theology, history, culture, literature, spirituality and applied theology. ESR’s Quaker Studies Certificate is a six-course program that can be completed in as little as two years.

Classes begin with Fall Semster

Courses may include:

  • QS 107 – Quaker History and Literature (required)
  • QS 250 – Creation of Modern Quaker Diversity
  • QS 260 – Individual Quaker Thinkers
  • QS 270 – Modern Quaker Movements
  • QS 340 – Quaker Beliefs
  • QS 351 - History of Friends Peace Witness
  • QS 377 – Quaker Public Ministry
  • QS 400 – Independent Study
  • SP 212 – Mysticism in Quaker Tradition
  • LS 374 – Quaker Process

Learn more about Stephen Angell, Geraldine Leatherock Professor of Quaker Studies, other teaching faculty.

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