M.Div./M.Min. – Pastoral Ministry Emphasis

Pastoral work in local congregations remains one of the most visible manifestations of ministry. Even as Friends meetings and protestant churches evolve to meet the changing needs of congregants, pastoral work continues to require mature, thoughtful, theologically grounded ministers who are called to serve in this vital role.

Our Quaker understanding of Christian faith offers unique perspectives to this form of ministry, particularly aspects of spiritual formation and ecclesiology. Students who choose the pastoral ministry emphasis receive holistic training that develops emotional, spiritual and intellectual gifts. They are prepared for the rewarding and sometimes challenging work that comes from engaging people in churches and Friends meetings at a deep, personal level.

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Pastoral ministry emphasis courses include Pastoral Spirituality; Work of the Pastor, the Friends Pastor; the Pastor and Religious Education; Introduction to Preaching; the Church’s Mission in the World Community; and Church Administration.

Recent and Upcoming Pastoral Ministry Courses

2019 Spring M 213-W Music in the Church weekend intensive
2019 Spring M 2XX-W Missional Urban/Bivocational weekend intensive
2019 Spring M 241-O Ministry Across Generations online
2019 Spring PM 320 Theology and Preaching residential
2019 May PM 250-T Work of the Pastor two-week intensive
2019 May M 222-T Evangelism in a Postmodern Context two-week intensive
2019 August PM 240-T Bivocational Ministry two-week intensive
2019 Fall M-120 Preaching, Theopoetics, and Society residential and blended
2019 Fall M-220 Patterns of Worship residential and blended
2020 January M-238-T Practical Theology of Baptism two-week intensive
2020 Spring PM 150-O Pastoral Spirituality online
2020 Spring M 241-S Ministry Across Generations weekend intensive
2020 May PM 250-T Work of the Pastor two-week intensive
2020 May M 340-S Evangelism in a Postmodern World two-week intensive
2021 August PM 240-T Bivocational Ministry two-week intensive

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Recent and Upcoming Pastoral Ministry Conferences and Events

Students, prospective students and those interested in pastoral ministry should plan to attend the Annual ESR Pastors ConferenceContact ESR for details.