M.A. Theses

Students in the ESR M.A. program have contributed to the body of research into theology, Biblical studies, Quaker studies, and Peace and Justice. The following are theses authored by those students.

Name Year   Area Title
Lawrence E. Barker 1963   Quaker Studies The Development of the Pastoral Pattern in Indiana Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
Anne W. Webster 1963   Quaker Studies East Africa Yearly Meeting of Friends: An Evaluation of Its Growth
Paul Van Ness 1963   Theology A Critical Analysis of Three Christian Viewpoints Relevant to Pastoral Counseling
Louraine Lacey Holsinger 1964   Biblical Studies A Study of Christianity in Early Tradition: From the Gospel of Mark and the Acts of the Apostles, 1-12
John C. Smith 1964   Quaker Studies Jospeh Hoag: A Vermont Quaker
William P. Taber, Jr. 1965   Quaker Studies The History of Ohio Yearly Meeting, Conservative, From its Beginning Until 1917
David Preston Haney 1965   Theology Carl F.H. Henry: A Critical Appraisal of Fundamentalism
Michael Thornburg 1965   Theology William of Ockham: Philosophy and Natural Theology: A Selective Study
Keith Esch 1966   Theology Servants of God: a Study of Church Renewal and the Pastoral Ministry
Jan Paul Emmert 1967     Cross-Cultural Communication in a Mission Setting: A Study of the Japan Missions of the General Conference Mennonite Church
John R. Van Tine III 1968   Theology Toward Understanding the Relationship of Henry David Thoreau to New England Puritanism
Anne Smith 1968     Report of an Exploratory Year's Program as a Regional Religious Education Director
Carl H. Zigler 1968     Compendium of Mater's Project on Termical Illness
Isami Nagami 1969     A Comparison Between Revelation and Pure Experience in the Thoughts of Karl Barth and Kitaro Nishida
Howard R. Macy 1970   Biblical Studies The Legal Metaphor in Oracles Against Foreign Nations in the Pre-Exilic Prophets
Randall P. Hinshaw 1970   Quaker Studies The Educational Heritage of Friends in America: a Study of Friends Elementary and Secondary Schools
Dennis Ginoza 1970     Behavior Modification in a Multi-Cultural, Multi-Racial Setting
James L. Helmuth 1970     Report of Master's Project: Clinical Pastoral Education
David Wetherell 1971   Biblical Studies Mythological Allusions in the Book of Job
Paul M. Wood 1971   Theology A Quest for the Interpersonal Jesus
B. Eugene Fisher 1972   Quaker Studies A Study of Toleration Among Midwest Quakers 1850-1900
G. Edwin Robison 1972   Quaker Studies History of the Policy of the American Friends Mission in Central India 1896-1857
William W. Geary 1972   Theology The Church Renewal Literature of the Sixties: An Evaluation from the Perspective of a Comprehensive Model of Small Group Dynamics
Larry Carlson 1973   Theology The Problem of God's Foreknowledge and Future Contingents: Aristotle, Aquinas, and Ockham
Leslie B. Whitbeck 1973   Theology Charismata and Status in Two Charismatic Groups
Richard C. Sartwell 1974   Quaker Studies The Influence of Leading Friends in Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends, Evangelical, 1854-1919
Tadashi Yuasa 1975   Quaker Studies A Comparative Study of Early Quakerism and Non-Church Christianity in Japan
David Hickman 1976   Theology The Communicative Process Applied to the Sermon
Roger T. Rankin 1976   Theology The Concept of Resurrection in the Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg
Frederick Shaw 1976   Theology Methodology and Christology in the Thought of Schubert M. Ogden
Dan Synder 1976   Theology Faith in an Apocalytic Age
Ken Henke 1977   Biblical Studies A Study of Amos and Hosea and their Times with Special Reference to the Grounding of the Prophetic Concern for Social Justice
Ken Henke 1977   Peace and Justice Bread and Justice: a Discussion of World Hunger
Ken Henke 1977   Peace and Justice A.J. Muste and the Twentieth Century Renewal of the Call to the "Lamb's War"
John D. King 1977   Theology Toward Understanding the Relationship of Set and Setting to the Religious, Psychedelic Drug Experience
Malilo Nyongesa Barasa 1978   Theology Western Christianity and African Traditional Religion in the Though of Idowu and Mbiti
Michael Lawrence Birkel 1978   Theology Community in the Theology of Basil of Caesarea
Thomas H. Jeavons 1978   Theology The Character of Christian Activism: Reflections on Discipleship in Modern Times
Deborah A. McGrady 1979   Biblical Studies Qoheleth: Between Two Ages: His Hellenistic and Hebrew Settings
Naluparayil K. Purushothaman 1979   Quaker Studies The Life and Thoughts of D. Elton Trueblood: A Whole Man
Howard Wright Alexander 1980   Quaker Studies The Language and the Reality of Quakerism
John Brent Bill 1980   Quaker Studies David B. Updegraff: the Life, Beliefs, and Influence of a Friends Holiness Preacher
John McGuire 1980   Theology A Descriptive Analysis of Three Aspects of William Temple's Philosophy of Religion
Charles Lidala 1981   Biblical Studies The Concept of the Kingdom of God in Biblical and African Traditions
Vladimir Strejcek 1982   Peace and Justice Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther Kind: Different Political Situations and Religions, the Same Non-Violent Struggle for Freedom
Steve Angell 1982   Quaker Studies Religious Toleration, Truth, and Reason in the Thought of William Penn
Martin James Chappell 1983   Theology The Loving Will Towards God: An Illumination and Clarification of the Nature and Grace of Contemplation as it is Presented in The Cloud of the Unknowing and Related Treatises
Daniel Brian Rouse 1983   Peace and Justice Socio-Economic Implications of Preoccupation with Self and Group Interests: The Christian Hope of Moving Beyond that Tendency
Lonnie Valentine 1983   Biblical Studies Mark 12: 13-17: Jesus was not at all Innocent
Lonnie Valentine 1983   Peace and Justice The Psychology of Resistance
Paul Kriese 1984   Quaker Studies Turth-Speaking and the Religious Society of Friends
Mark D. Minear 1984   Quaker Studies The Richmond Conference of 1887
R. Candida Palmer 1984   Quaker Studies Friends and Accountability: An Arena for Faith and Practice
Marvin Dow Wingfield 1984     The Politics of Honor in the Abraham/Lot Narratives: An Anthropological Midrash
John Mark Davidson 1985   Peace and Justice Dimensions of Transcendence
Anne Hayner 1985   Peace and Justice Toward a New Language of National Security
Elizabeth Peacock Kamphausen 1985   Quaker Studies Returning to Peculiarity: Education Among Friends--Living Quaker Affirmations
John Timothy Terrell 1985   Quaker Studies The Movement from Sect to Denomination in Nineteenth-Cuntury Gurneyite Quakerism
Margaret Benefiel 1985   Theology Three Women's Stages of Faith: Julian of Norwich, Margaret Fell, and Hannah Whitall Smith
Rose Kasandi Adebe 1986   Quaker Studies The Impact of Quaker Missionaries in Kenya: The Work of Emory and Deborah Rees
Bridget Bower 1986   Quaker Studies Gospel Order Among Quiestist Quakers in the Nineteenth Centruy to 1860: A Comparison of the Hicksite and Wilburite Understanding of the Discipline
Nancy McDowell 1986   Theology A Theological Interpretation of Selected Mosaics of Ravenna
Maragaret D. Zulick 1986     Wisdom as an Image of the Center
Philip A. Park-Thomas 1987   Theology Theological, Sociological, a Spiritual Dimensions of Enmity, with a View Toward Reconciliation
Sarah S.Forth 1988   Biblical Studies John 2:1-12: The Wedding at Cana
Gary Arthur 1988   Quaker Studies Justice, In Creation, In the Prophetic Tradition, and in the Apocalyptic Vision of George Fox
Robin Andres 1988   Theology David Tracy: Hermeneutics
Legia L. Spicer 1988   Theology The Expectation of Meaning: The Turth-Being of Abraham Joshua Heschel
David Lloyd Johns 1989   Theology The Concept of Renewal in the Ecclesiology of Douglas van Steere
Bonita Porter 1989   Theology Issues in Pastoral Care with Women
Linda C. Dalto 1990   Peace and Justice Inner Peace as Empowering Spirituality in Christian Commitment and Discipleship
Kohtaro Fujita 1990   Peace and Justice Two Approaches of Mediation as Peacemaking: Quaker's and Rissho-Koseo-Kai's
Jan Kees den Bakker 1990   Theology Towards a New Theological Paradigm in the Nuclear Age: A Case Study of Reformed Theology in the Netherlands
Linda B. Selleck 1991   Quaker Studies Gentle Invaders: Quaker Women Educators and Race During the Civil War and Reconstruction
Philip Thuo 1991   Theology Issues Relating to Faith in Christ in Church History
John C. Craig 1992   Biblical Studies The Over-Arching Structures of Job Formalist Concepts Applied to the Bible
Richard S. Koenig 1992   Biblical Studies Foundational Possibilities for Oneness in Lao Tzu: Tao-Te-Ching, Genesis 1: Creation Story and Meister Eckhart's Christianity
George Smith 1993   Quaker Studies Aspects of Quaker Education from 1960 to 1720
Grant David Miller Francisco 1994   Theology Bernard Lonergan and Conversion: Contributions Towards Personal and Social Transformation
Serra Delaplain Sippel 1995   Theology Women and Beauty: A Journey to Self-Love
Adam S.F. Miller 1996   Biblical Studies The Character of Yahweh in the J Material of Genesis
Bonita Washington-Lacey 1996   Peace and Justice Working Towards Justice in the Bonds of Oppression: Womanist Theology
Yasutomo Sawahata 1997   Peace and Justice Buddhist-Christian Dialogue on Peace
Scott G. Fisher 1998   Peace and Justice Ke Ala A Hiki I Noa: The Path to Liberation
Susan Jeffers 1999   Biblical Studies Paul and Fox on the Road to Damascus: Sent to Turn People to the Light
Robert Juma Wafula 1999   Quaker Studies Tithing for the Development of the African Christian Church: in a Kenyan Perspective
Christy Guenther 2000   Theology A Theological Investigation into the Nature of Music Therapy
Anita Morse 2000   Peace and Justice Discovering Our Ethical Roots Through Story Telling
Paul Buckley 2001   Quaker Studies Thy Affectionate Friend: the Letters of Elias Hicks and William Poole
Jim Valekis 2001   Theology "Open Our Eyes, Lord--We Want to See Jesus": A Study of Ongoing Salvation Story and Worship Day Ritual Transformations in the Worldwide Church of God
John Taylor Connoley 2002   Biblical Studies Beyond the Harem: Stories of Three Unlikely Heroes
Jean van Altena 2002   Biblical Studies Jephthah: Hero as Victim
Leif Carlson 2005   Peace and Justice Non-Violent Action Versus Temptation to Leave the Hold Land: a Palestinian Christian Perspective
Eric Benner 2006   Theology God and the World: a Process Theology's Reflection on the Relationship of God to the Biodiversity Crisis and Humanity
Elisabeth Beasley 2007   Peace and Justice The I of the Institution: an American Learns Americanism Abroad
Benson Kamasi Amugamwa 2008   Quaker Studies Quakerism and the Isukha Culture: The Impact of Quakerism on the Culture of the Isukha People of Western Kenya
Caroline S. Marsh 2008   Quaker Studies Friends of IowaYearly Meeting (Conservative): Who We Are and What that Might Mean
R. Scott Miller 2008   Biblical Studies The Covenant Faithfulness of Jesus the Messiah: A Narrative Theology of Obedience and Nonviolence; Particularity and Credibility
Kate Newlin 2009   Peace and Justice Supporting the Faith Development of Young Adult Friends by Encouraging Theological Development and Moratorium Experiences in Adolescence
Lloyd Lee Wilson 2009   Quaker Studies "The Remnant of Like Faith": the First 50 Years of North Carolina Yearly Meeting
Adrienne Lowe 2010   Peace and Justice From the Full Plate to the Wide World: A Theoretical and Practical Guide to Engaging Young Adults Through Interfaith Hospitality
Bejamin Pressley 2010   Theology Towards a Quaker Moral Theology: The Testimonies and Vitue Ethics
Rachel Stacy 2011   Peace and Justice Imagining Change: Transforming Narratives from Violence to Non-Violence
Lynne Lawson 2012   Theology Myth, Ritual, Feast: The Spiritual Roots of the Locavore Movement
Jeffrey Meyers 2012   Theology A. J. Muste's Theology: Tracing the Ideas that Shaped the Man
Deanna Mummert 2012   Biblical Studies Greater Works: The Art of Loving One Another as the Path to Understanding Eternal Life: An Exegesis of John 14:12
Silas Siboe Wanjala 2012   Peace and Justice Hope for Peace: The Gospel Message of Nonviolence and Its Application in Africa
Karen Tibbals 2014   Quaker Studies The Theological Basis Behind Quaker Businesses: A Comparison of the first 150 Years to the Beginning of the 20th Century
John Connell 2015   Quaker Studies Subjection to the Seed: The Natural Man and the Supernatural Light in the Epistemology of Friends
Martha Delaney-Hotz 2015   Biblical Studies Reading the Bible Ecologically
Simon Khayala 2015   Peace and Justice A Model for Conflict Transformation: Ubuntu, Mediation, and Forgiveness
Theoneste Sentabire 2015   Peace and Justice The Pillars of Conflict Transformation: An African Perspective of Peacful Co-Existence
Danny Coleman 2016   Theology Christian and Buddhist Apophatic Practice and Its Relation to Process Spirituality as an Ameliorative to the Decline of Christianity in 21st Century North America
Tracy Davis 2016   Peace and Justice Shamath, Sadhana, Stillness: Meditation as an Interfaith Practice of Peace
Keiko Ogawa 2016   Biblical Studies Interpretations of the Psalms
Carol Anne Ferlauto 2017   Peace and Justice Intersectional Feminism in Biblical Narrative, American Women's Suffrage, and Restorative Justice
Oscar Lugusa Malande 2017   Peace and Justice Creating a Transformed Community: Towards a Constructive Theology for Christian Community Formation in Contemporary Aftrica
Pamela Juram Kuhn 2018   Quaker Studies Hicksite Quakers in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Laura Arcila Villa 2019   Quaker Studies The Metaphysics of Anne Conway, Philosopher and Quaker
David Hanson 2019   Quaker Studies The Prophetic Quakerism of Lewis Benson


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