FSA Loans and/or Need-Based Aid - student must apply each year

  • Complete a FAFSA on-line at www.fafsa.ed.gov. On the last page, enter Earlham College’s code 001793.
  • Review your Financial Aid Award Letter
  • Accept/Decline FSA loans in your Banner Account
  • Complete the To-Do List on the back of your Financial Aid Award Letter



ESR aid and FSA loans, when combined with other student resources, may never exceed the Cost of Attendance.

ESR’s on-line Financial Aid Application provides budget norms for many COA categories. These are estimates for a “frugal” student; a student’s actual COA will probably vary from the norms, so they should be used only as a guideline to complete the Financial Aid Application Budget Worksheet. All students, whether or not they are seeking aid, should complete a Budget Worksheet in the formation of their financial plan.

There are additional costs you should consider for your personal budget that are not included in the COA. These include, but are not limited to, car payments, personal debt repayment and life insurance.

For applications submitted between January 1st and April 15th, a Financial Aid Award letter will be sent by April 30th. For applications received after April 15th, an award letter will be sent within two weeks of the receipt of the application or FAFSA, whichever is later. The award letter will include instructions on further steps a student must complete in order to receive any awarded aid.

If a student has not received FSA loans from ESR in the past, the Business Manager will contact him/her to discuss financial aid, including budgets and loan repayment.

Cooper Scholar Awards (Residential only)

Each prospective Cooper Scholar applicant must provide two additional letters of recommendation. For Quaker students, these should ideally be from the Student’s monthly and yearly meetings. The monthly meeting nomination is of primary importance. Normally a small group of two or three persons appointed by monthly meeting Ministry and Counsel (or its equivalent) will meet with the student to discern his or her leading and call to ministry and to study at ESR.

For applicants of other traditions, these two letters should come from comparable bodies: one from their local congregation and one from the larger denominational structure. Students without these formal connections will not be excluded from consideration, but should contact the Director of Recruitment and Admissions for guidance on identifying appropriate letter writers.

Letter of recommendation should be sent to:
Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Earlham School of Religion
228 College Avenue
Richmond, IN 47374

Thomas J. Mullen Scholarships (residential only)

A Call for Applications will be issued each January to eligible students. The application consists of two essays and two letters of support. The deadline for applications is late February (varies each year). A full application will include all of the following:

  • An essay of not less than 1250 words in which the applicant articulates his or her current understanding of their own ministerial identity, supported by the call and gifts for ministry they have come to know.
  • An essay of not less than 1250 words in which the applicant reflects upon her or his personal spiritual formation during their time at ESR.
  • A letter of support from the faith community in which the applicant has participated while a student at ESR. This letter should come from an officially recognized body such as monthly meeting or ministry and oversight, should note leadership and ministry abilities observed by the community, describe ways the applicant has been involved with the community, and speak to the applicant’s potential for future ministry.
  • A letter of support from an ESR faculty member that addresses the student’s potential for leadership and ministry, as demonstrated in class and the ESR community.

All parts of the full applications are due in late February (date varies). Letters of reference may be submitted with application on institutional letterhead in sealed envelopes or mailed directly to ESR, c/o Business Office. It will be the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that reference letters arrive before the deadline. Applications will be reviewed by a committee, appointed by the dean, and awards will be announced by mid-March (date varies).

Leadership & Service Scholarships (Residential & Access)

Students must have, within the past 3 years, participated in and be recommended by a service or leadership program including: a Quaker College Leadership program; Quaker Voluntary Service or another "Service Programs that Change the World" program, or a year-long internship with Friends Committee on National Legislation, QuEST Seattle, Quaker United Nations Office, or other approved service organization, or a Bonner Scholar or Bonner Leader program.

Each prospective Leadership & Service Program nominee must be recommended by their college program or service organization. ESR's Director of Recruitment and Admissions can provide guidance and details on the process.

Nomination should be sent to:
Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Earlham School of Religion
228 College Avenue
Richmond, IN 47374

Nancy Kortepeter Mullen Scholarship (Residential and Access)

A Call for Applications is issued each January; the deadline is late March (varies each year).

The criteria for the scholarship are based on the following composite characteristics embodied by Nancy Mullen. Students who exemplify these characteristics are eligible to apply.

  • Courage of conviction
  • Open to new insights
  • Love for people in general
  • Compassion for those with particular needs
  • Hunger for learning
  • Called by God to use spiritual gifts in serving humanity
  • A joyful spirit to encourage and inspire others

There is no formal application form. Those interested in applying should write a letter explaining in what ways you embody the above characteristics. Submit the letter to Jonelle Ellis, Director of Business and Student Services, ellisjo1@earlham.edu, (email only please, do not mail a hard copy). Be sure to include your address, phone number and email. Click here for details.

Tom Mullen Ministry of Writing Fellowship

A Call for Applications is issued each August; the deadline is early October (varies each year). Applicants should complete the application and submit a description of the publishable writing project on which you will work while at ESR, including a brief chapter outline and a sample of your writing. Click here for the Application and details on recipient responsibilities, other Fellowship provisions.

Quaker Professional Scholarship (Access only)

Earlham School of Religion seeks to partner with Quaker organizations to support the good work taking place in a wide variety of important service contexts by offering the Quaker Professional Scholarship.

This annual scholarship is intended for individuals currently employed by a Quaker organization and provides up to 5 years of 50 percent tuition for a full-time, degree-seeking student admitted into ESR Access, our distance-education program. The goals for the ESR Quaker Professional Scholarship are to cultivate spiritual gifts, build leadership capacity, and foster a networked community of employees dedicated to service among Friends and fully equipped for continued ministry to the wider world.

To apply for Earlham School of Religion's Quaker Professional Scholarship, prospective students should:

  • be currently employed by a Quaker organization (e.g. Friends' schools, colleges, yearly meetings, Quaker service organizations, etc.)

  • intend to continue service in a Quaker organization

  • complete a standard application for any of ESR's degree programs

  • submit an additional essay response to the following question: "How do you see your current and future work contributing to the growth and development of Quaker organizations, and how do you anticipate completing a degree program at ESR will contribute to this work?"

  • submit an additional letter of recommendation from your supervisor addressing the same question as above regarding your work

Applications are now open for the 2020-21 Academic Year, and must be received by May 1.

Additional Requirements for International Students

All international students must complete an International Student Statement of Financial Position, even if they will not require Financial Aid. This information is necessary in order to grant a student the F-1 Visa required to enter and study in the United States. According to Federal law, an international student must document financial resources adequate to meet the Cost of Attendance of one year’s study and living expenses. These funds may come from a variety of sources. Some students receive an International Cooper Scholar Award, which provides funds for frugal living expenses, but possibly not the entire amount, depending on a student’s needs and life-style. Other sources of funding are from the student’s personal savings, family income or assets, sponsorship by their monthly or yearly meeting, or other agencies and foundations. International students, by law, may work only for Earlham College or Earlham School of Religion. ESR will assist the student in obtaining a paid job, but this is not guaranteed.

See the Admissions section for more information on International Students.

Financial Aid Documents