Drops and Withdrawals

Students who drop one or more courses receive tuition credit on their account according to the deadline schedule shown below. Registration and Technology fees are never credited, even if a student drops all classes in a session. Refund checks for tuition that has previously been paid, and subsequently dropped, will be issued within one month of the drop date.

Drop Period-Full Semester Classes Drop Period – 2-week Intensive Classes Tuition Refund
1st & 2nd weeks of semester 1st & 2nd day of class 100%
3rd & 4th weeks of semester 3rd & 4th day of class 50%
5th week and later 5th day and later 0%

No tuition credit will be given after the fourth week of class (fourth day for Intensives), except under the following circumstances:

1. The Dean approves a written appeal from the student explaining that the withdrawal is due to extenuating circumstances, or

2. The student has not attended ESR before the semester in which he or she withdraws from the school, and the withdrawal occurs on or before the seventh week of classes. For these students only, a “pro-rata” refund will be given in proportion to the number of weeks attended by the student during the semester in which he or she withdraws, in accordance with Federal regulations.

According to Federal law, students who receive Federal Student Aid loans and subsequently withdraw from classes may be required to refund some or all of the funds.

Certificate Program Prepay Discount

A student admitted to an ESR Certificate Program may choose to prepay tuition for the entire 6-course, 18 credit program and receive a 25% discount, based on the tuition rate for the first year in which a certificate class is taken. Click here for the Certificate Program Prepay Discount Procedure and Application.

Federal Student Aid (FSA) Loans

Stafford Direct Unsubsidized FSA loans are disbursed to the student’s account within the first week of classes, assuming that the student has completed all necessary steps. If the amount of FSA loans disbursed is greater than the amount due on the student’s account, a refund check is issued to the student within 14 days of the loan disbursement date.

Students who receive FSA loans may be required to return all or part of any loan to the lender if the semester is not completed. ESR is required to follow a complex formula to calculate the amount of the refund that is to be returned to the Lender and to the school. The order of funds returned is first to the lender, second to the school grant program, and third, to the student. See the Financial Aid section for more information.