Major Gift Priorities

Our vision for education and ministry has led – and continues to lead us – toward an educational model that supports and celebrates the universal ministry of all believers. Throughout our history and today, we have:

  • Encouraged all persons equally in ministry
  • Emphasized intellect, spirituality, and practice as essential components of a seminary education
  • Inspired ministers and religious leaders to confront the challenges of a changing world, rather than insisting they hold on to the past

As a Christian school grounded in the Quaker tradition, ESR is uniquely situated to prepare persons for the type of leadership and ministry required in today's world – the type where Quaker values, beliefs and practices provide the foundation and framework for creating leaders who possess spiritual depth, model responsible faith, and can offer faithful ministry in this time of change. To do this, we need philanthropic friends to support strategic fundraising initiatives that focus on:

We have been both strategic and prayerful in developing a course of action to turn our vision into reality. These priorities are essential to distinguishing our place in education and ministry, and to continuing to prepare and support those who are called to serve God. We invite you to explore these priorities and hope that you are moved to support them.