Supporting Ministry Through ESR

Although we are a graduate academic institution, ESR was founded to prepare people for ministry. Although we offer multiple degrees and programs, all share a common focus on nurturing the intellect and spirit of those who are called to serve God. Support for these programs is support for the work of ministers in many fields.

Since our founding, ESR graduates and students have served as:

  • Pastors, educators and administrators in Quaker, Episcopal, MCC, UCC, UU, Methodist and non-denominational faith communities
  • Chaplains, administrators, nurses, and volunteers in hospitals, hospices, and elder care facilities
  • Leaders of church planting organizations
  • Authors, artists, musicians, and filmmakers
  • Teachers, administrators and staff in primary, secondary and higher education
  • Public and civil servants
  • Social workers
  • Peace workers and activists
  • Directors, program developers and staff members of non-profit organizations

Those who have passed through ESR continue to pursue creative opportunities to provide ministry. By supporting ESR through the annual fund, planned giving, and other means, donors help the school maintain high academic standards, maintain accessibility and affordability of our programs, and help us grow our outreach to Friends and others in the broader religious world.